Desktop Google Reader 1.3

Konstantins Onufrijevs
6.1 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Desktop Google Reader 1.3

Desktop Google Reader is a desktop client to Google’s popular RSS agregator services. It is focused on on the most important things you do with Google Reader – read, mark as read and starr items. In addition and in combination with the notification system Snarl, it gives you nice popup notifications on your newly arriving news feed items.


  • Mark all items of a feed as read (you can this already by selecting one of its items, press ctrl+a to mark them all and then hit the read button) – done 1.0
  • Mark all feeds as read at once – done 1.0
  • Mark all items as read being older than x days/hours
  • Unsubscribe from a feed
  • Automatic update notification – done 1.2
  • Folders / Labels
  • Share a feed item (optionally with comment)
  • Show icons of the newsfeeds
  • Quick-Tweet a news entry (as having made a Snarl Tweet style recently I think this could be done quite fast… :))
  • Buttons to jump from news entry to news entry (next/last) – done 1.1 (arrow keys on keyboard)
  • Option to see read items
  • Optionally marking as read means marking as read on next polling time and not instantly
  • Put the title of the item in gib (<h1>) on top ot the text in the content frame


New in this Version:

  • Sharing
  • Liking
  • Mail item
  • Labels / Tags
  • Send to Twitter
  • Read It Later
  • Instapaper
  • Favicons of feeds shown
  • Integrated Chromium browser now has forward / backward controls
  • Item title are stripped (no HTML in there anymore)
  • Fixed a bug in save/restore of settings (in some environments always old settings had been restored)


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