IntelliProtector 2.6

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IntelliProtector 2.6

IntelliProtector is a software activation service with a web-based control panel that helps you reduce a form of piracy known as "casual copying". Casual copying is a common form of piracy characterized by the sharing of software between people in a way that infringes on the software’s end-user license agreement (EULA). Casual copying is very prevalent today and accounts for a large portion of the economic losses due to piracy.

IntelliProtector enables you to distribute your software securely over the Internet, on CD-ROM and DVD. It ensures that each copy of your digital product is used in compliance with your license terms and is not shared or used simultaneously on more than one computer. The service provides you with such handy options as powerful reporting, detailed statistics, automatic license keys managementб and resellers administration.

1: Rock-solid protection against piracy
The Protector software encrypts everything: the code of the software, Internet activation and delivery of the license code. To achieve the best protection, IntelliProtector protection engine provides a set of API to integrate the protector with the software code.

2: Create time-limited and feature-limited trials
With IntelliProtector you can create time-limited or feature-limited trials. To restrict some features, simply encrypt the code available only for the registered version and that’s it. When the end-user tries to use the restricted feature, the software will show the Purchase dialog.

3: Automated blocking license violators
IntelliProtector has a sound protection against carders. If the license code needs blocking, you don’t need to recompile a product. Just log in to the web-panel and block the code. Nobody will be able to use the code again even with the carded software version. Besides, IntelliProtector allows you to set up a filter that will deny activations of the license code if they exceed the predefined number of activations from different computers. If this is the case, IntelliProtector blocks the key automatically and sends the notification to the vendor.

4: Integration with all popular payment processors
IntelliProtector works with all well-known registration services, such as 2CheckOut, Avangate, BMTMicro, eMetrix, PayPal, Plimus, RegNow, ShareIt, SWPal and SWReg.

5: Easy to get started – free account
You can try IntelliProtector in action FOR FREE. Take advantage of the “Free Plan” subscription to get a fully-featured account. No questions asked.


  • Problem with long payment links is fixed
  • Interface is improved
  • License code will be pasted automatically into registration window if previous version of protected software was registered on the computer.


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