MapSphere 0.97 Beta build 161

11.1 MB
Operating System
Windows Xp

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MapSphere 0.97 Beta build 161

MapSphere is a manageable way to view and organize geographical data of different kind. This might be raster maps and satellite imagery from various sources, your own information received from GPS, tracks of your friends, whatever you want.

You can attach any maps or other geographical data to MapSphere that are available as extensions. The data is downloaded automatically while scrolling or zooming the map. It is stored locally on the hard drive, so you keep control over it. For example, you can download maps for some area and then work with them without internet connection. Different data representations extend your possibilities. A traditional 2D (flat) view mode is fast and very suitable for data editing, while a modern 3D mode depicts naturally looking views from any point around the Earth.

There are 2 additional views that can be customized to your needs and display your local and global positions at the same time. You can search for geographically referenced objects of different nature by selecting a proper search extension such as geocoding provider plug-in for street addresses.


  • downloads maps and satellite images from different sources
  • stores all the mapping data on the hard drive for offline use
  • represents the map in 2D and 3D modes
  • supports GPS-receivers to track your current position
  • displays the location of other users and their GPS tracks
  • provides a chat to discuss your travels
  • geo-references your photos according to your trackand uploads them to your personal trip blog
  • shows tracks, photos, and chat messages on the map


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