Media Zone Trigger 3.00

Omega Unfold
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Media Zone Trigger 3.00

Media Zone Trigger uses motion detection to sequence media content on one or many displays. Imagine a webcam motion detection software bound to a video compositing software, a tool designed for you to quickly produce unique interactive presentations.
Simply connect a camera and put motion hot spots on the video image. These hot spots are bound to scripts that will be called when motion is detected. Each spot is independent and can call a different script. Advanced features allow even more complex navigation to create interactive applications.

Use images, videos and Flash animation. You get to select when they show up, the size and position on the screen, and even on which screen they should be displayed if you have many screens. Simple to use software.

Media Zone Trigger also logs statistics of detected motion.


  • Automatic greeting system for your office or business
  • Eye-catching user interaction for a show booth
  • Interactive multiple-choice system for info on shelved products
  • Display images, videos and Flash animation on many displays
  • Statistic acquisition
  • No skills required, super simple to use



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