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NCollector Studio 1.11

NCollector Studio is a complete rewrite of the popular Webripper application. It has been designed from the ground up to be extensible and reusable, so that the technology can be used in related products coming soon from Calluna Software.

NCollector Studio features a cool new graphical user interface and lots of cool features:

  • Offline browse: Download websites for browsing without an internet connection.
  • Filerip: Download files matching specified criterias.
  • Mirror: Download websites preserving the original files and structure.
  • Caching: Only files changed since the last session will be downloaded to preserve bandwidth.
  • Keyword filtering: Exclude or include links containing specified keywords.
  • Image dimensions: Download only images that are within the specified dimensions.
  • Filesize: Download only files that are within the specified size.
  • Levels/pages; Specify how deep to crawl for links.
  • Multithreaded: Maximize the use of your internet-connection and cpu-power.
  • Reporting: Automatically generate html reports at the end of a session.
  • Parsing; Webripper will parse html, css and js files for links.
  • Downloaders; Webripper will currently download links from http and ftp.


  • Embedded links can be set to unrestricted (not using the same restrictions as the project in general). Possible performance gains of up to 300% for a job.
  • Improved performance in plugin architechture due to caching.
  • Elapsed time for job shown in report.
  • Project-files (*.wrp) associated in shell with NCollector. Double-clicking a project-file will start the project in NCollector.
  • Better handling of illegal characters in project-name.
  • Files- and jobinfo-modules are no longer cleared when job is stopped or finished.
  • Added toolbar with icons to ease the execution of some tasks.
  • File size-restrictions was reported wrongly in report.
  • More informative jobinfo- and wizard-modules.
  • Open log-file from menu.
  • Removed some redundant mimetype associations.
  • Fixed bug causing crash when saving a project.
  • Removed some unnecessary string-allocations in HTML-engine causing scanning of pages to consume less memory and cpu.
  • Downloaded files had no extensions in some special occasions.
  • Improved performance of robots.txt engine.
  • Fixed bug causing some files to get random names (GUID) in offline- and mirror-mode. Will also improve cache-hit rate when stored project is used multiple times.
  • Top-level failures will be reported to Calluna Software to help us improve NCollector. Can be turned off.
  • Vertical logo in left-column was clipped on low resolution screens. Fixed.
  • Project can now be reconfigured at any time.
  • Application starts automatically after installation.
  • Project restrictions are now initially set to recommended values for mirror- offline- and filerip-projects.



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