PC SMS Gateway Server 4.2

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PC SMS Gateway Server 4.2

PC SMS Gateway Server is Windows Desktop application for send and receive thousands of SMS using multiple GSM/UMTS device connected to PC. Support using 5 or more GSM device simultaneously, simplify sending or receiving thousands of SMS.


  • Send SMS from PC using GSM/UMTS phone or modem connected to PC. No special hardware or SMS registration required connect you Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens phone or modem (see supported device list).
  • No Internet connection required. Internet connection not required for sending SMS, only using SMS feature on the GSM/UMTS phone or modem.
  • Send up to 360 SMS per hour. (6 SMS per minute ) per device on GSM network.
  • Send up to 1080 SMS per hour. ( 18 SMS per minute) per device on UMTS network.
  • Support Multiple Device*1). Multiply the SMS Send/Receive rate by using multiple phone or modem simultaneously.
  • Multilanguage SMS message(Unicode SMS). Send SMS in any language, Latin, German, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Urdu, Arabic, Vietnamese,Thai etc.
  • Phonebook. Simplify manage contact list using "Import Phonebook Wizard" , very fast and efficient importing SMS from CSV or MS Excel files.
  • Personalized SMS. Create custom SMS for each recipient using "Mail Merge" like feature.
  • Scheduled SMS Send. Support send SMS on scheduled date and time.
  • Interval SMS Send. Support send SMS on interval of time from seconds to weeks.
  • Auto Reply SMS. SMS Auto reply by message keyword filtered by recipient and device.
  • Store SMS on SQL Database. Robust and scalable for storing large number of SMS.
  • Add SMS Feature to your application. Support integration with another application by accessing to the PC SMS Gateway Server database.
  • Support Running as Windows service. Beside running as Desktop application also support running as Windows service.
  • Searching SMS based on sender, recipient, message and created date.


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