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Safeguard 4.0.24

Safeguard manages and reports on your Oracle database backup operations, providing backup management for Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, and 11g across Windows, Linux and Solaris.

Whether you’re a seasoned Oracle DBA or a relative newcomer, Safeguard simplifies and streamlines your daily backup requirements.

Safeguard Features:

  • Standardized Backup Process: As DBA’s come and go the process by which backups are taken and documented can get convoluted. Safeguard provides a standardized way to backup and record your database operations that spans changes in personnel.
  • Centralized Administration: Safeguard records a history operations across all databases to provide up to date insight on what’s happening with your operations.
  • Operations Summary Report: Understanding the current state of tens or hundreds of databases can be a daunting, the Summary Report breaks down which operations happened and when.
  • Detailed Backup Report: Safeguard provides a detailed backup report that lists the data and log files included in the backup, as well as the list of backup files generated.
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail: Understand which precise operations occurred weeks or months ago in order to track and resolve issues.
  • Monitor Space & Time Trends: Want to know how your backup performance is trending over time? What your backup space requirements are, or what you need the backup window to be?
  • At-a-glance Monitoring: Understand at a glance what the state of your daily backup operations is.
  • Maintain Remote Folders/Files: Safeguard provides a cross-platform remote file manager that allows you to navigate and edit the file system on the database server.
  • Update Configuration Files: If you need to edit text files on the server including tnsnames.ora, listener.ora and sqlnet.ora, Safeguard includes a text editor for viewing and editing text files.
  • Backup Wizard: There’s no need to learn RMAN scripting commands in order to take a backup, the Backup Wizard will gather all the options necessary and run your backup.
  • Recovery Wizard: The Recovery Wizard will help you restore the parameter file, control files, move data and log files, recreate password files and Windows services.
  • Custom RMAN Script Wizard: Handle RAC backups, tape systems, custom backup scripts or any RMAN operation using the Custom Script Wizard.
  • Export Wizard: Export your database, schemas or tables using the Export Wizard.
  • Import Wizard: Import your database, schema or tables using the Import Wizard.
  • Post Backup File Transfer: Following a backup or export, you can transfer the backup files using file system copy, FTP or SFTP.
  • Registration Wizard: Safeguard stores configuration information for your operating system and database.
  • Logging Wizard: If you want to enable point in time recovery for your database you’ll need to change the archive log mode.
  • Temp Files Wizard: Recovery and Duplication operations may not restore all files necessary (Oracle 9i). Use the Temp Files Wizard to ensure database sorting operations go smoothly.


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