ScreenHaven 4.2

ScreenHaven is one-to-many desktop screen sharing application. It is designed to be a partner to a telephone conference (i.e. TeleKit) to reduce the need for travel. It takes periodic images (whole screen shots, sections or areas surrounding the mouse) and stores them on the server for use within a remote meeting. These screen shots, along with comments can be saved as a record of a meeting.

ScreenHaven does not store audio and is not video-conferencing software. Telephone conferences can be boring and your mind can wander since you have no visual clues to the meeting progress. Video conferences are usually very expensive, low resolution, limited to a 1:1 and inconvenient to receive a copy of the meeting. Products such as iChat and Skype are excellent, but are prone to dropouts, limited to 5 audio or 3 video links on a fast broadband line. While one person is talking others are unable to comment without interrupting. If a manager wants a meeting with 15-20 remote people it is just not possible – until ScreenHaven.

ScreenHaven stores high-resolution screen images (tested to 1900×1200 pixels) at defined intervals and allows the convenient retrieval of this data (a text file for the comments and either a movie or folder of JPEGs for the screens). While there is normally one Publisher and multiple Subscribers, you can subscribe to multiple screens at once or be both a Publisher and Subscriber at once. While one person is talking others can contribute via the Comments window. If Comments aren’t needed the Subscriber can view the Publisher screen in fullscreen mode. ScreenHaven is cross platform so any Subscribing Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer can view screens from any Publishing Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer.

ScreenHaven is aimed at organisations who regularly have group telephone conferences, but want to make them more effective. Not only saving lost time, but money for petrol and airfares worldwide. The visual cues means that everyone can keep up with the meeting providing a more effective experience. If someone misses the conference, they can download the screens and comments after the meeting as long as the Publisher has not cleared them.


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