Voix Manager 1.0

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Voix Manager is a switchboard for managing VoIP connections and accounts stored on an Asterisk PBX server. This is a perfect solution for receptionists and secretaries in companies using VoIP connection connectivity as the main type method of communication.

Anyone who is familiar with the Openopen-Source source Community community is fully aware of the high quality and stability of the open-source software there. Among these is Asterisk, a professional open open-source PBX that integrates POTS telephone systems with VoIP technology.

Voix Manager was developed in C++ and so has the advantage of running on all desktop platforms. The software comes complete with an IAX2 (inter-Asterisk) software telephone, and an interface for managing internal and external phone lines (VoIP, POTS or ISDN), which is self-configured from the Asterisk system.
The only requirement for end users is to logon to their telephone and Asterisk Manager.

Voix Manager, unlike other similar applications, does not require installation or configuration on the server a distinct advantage for connecting to embedded systems that are almost impossible to access and modify.


  • User status.: The operator is able monitor status of all current Asterisk PBX user accounts connected to a particular server.
  • User control.: The operator is able to interact with all user accounts logged to an asterisk pbx.
  • Input – output activity: The operator is able monitor the status of all incoming and outgoing calls, then take the appropriate action, place on hold, transfer, and send to voice mail.
  • Dockable Interface: VoixManager components can be placed everywhere on the dispay.
  • Contex menu and key shortcuts: Users can speed up their operations using contexl menu and key shortcuts
  • Organize user extensions: Extensions can be grouped or hidden, and the group can be expanded or contracted by pressing the relevant buttons.
  • Extensions can be sorted and moved from one group to another via drag and drop, Every group has its own sorting method (by name, by number or custom sorting).
  • Address Book: A powerful address book where users can store his or her contacts with support for multiple numbers:
  • Custom search: Customized search is available to the operator enabling to look for contacts in the Voix Manager address book by the following criteria:
  • A complete calls report show all call activity. From the call report the user can launch a call double clicking an item.
  • Multiple audio device support: The user can choose any connected audio device, and configure them to act as ringing audio device, input/output audio device, supporting every kind of audio device; USB, Bluetooth, internal and external audio cards.
  • Application accessibility: External applications can communicate with VoixManager through a local TCP socket – in this way you can launch a call from an external application like a web browser.
  • Script executing: Voix manager can launch an application an execute custom script on incoming and outgoing events


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