Webcam Publisher 2.0 Beta

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Webcam Publisher 2.0 Beta

WheresJames Webcam Publisher makes it easy for you to publish images to the web. Overlay text of any font, color, size, and posit. Webcam, camera, scanner or other real-time video capture device FTP publishing. Webcam Publisher supports png, gif, jpg, and avi via FTP or the built in webserver. Overlay text, images, watetermarks, time stamps, and more. Multiple webcams are supported.


  • Multi-camera support.
  • Integrated Personal Web Server.
  • FTP uploading to multiple servers or locations.
  • Wide image support JPG, AVI, PNG, BMP, TGA, TIF, PCX, ICO.
  • Create AVI’s with compression and FTP or e-mail them automatically.
  • Create Timelapse video clips [ example clip of me playing with the settings ]
  • One click e-mailing of images as attachment with default e-mail client.
  • Overlay text, images, timestamps, watermarks and more.
  • Many image effects, transparency, translucency, more…
  • HTML publisher generates web pages and uploads them automatically.
  • Add chat to your webpage.
  • Image gallery support.
  • Perl support.
  • Chroma-key / color-key / blue-screen effects.
  • Motion Detection.
  • Auto E-mailer.
  • Video effects.
  • Image borders.
  • Image mask support.
  • Publish screenshots or use them as overlays.
  • Simple Capture mode interface.
  • Point and click edititing of overlays.
  • Setup Wizard makes getting started fast.
  • Many more features


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