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123 Word Domain Finder 1.0

Expired Domain lists are usually very large and manually inspecting all names can be very time consuming. If you are interested in finding and registering good domain names from Expired Domain lists, 123 Word Domain Finder can help to find the best domains faster.

This application will find all domain names that can be put in 1, 2 or 3 words (typically the most valuable domains) and output them to separate lists, thus [greatly] reducing the domain count. It will also find 2 and 3 word domains with hyphen(s) and put them in separate lists.


  • very fast, 100,000 domains can be processed in a few seconds
  • finds 1 word, 2 word, 3 word,  2 and 3 word with hyphen(s) domains
  • input domain list can be loaded from file or copy & pasted
  • set constraints on minimum and maximum word length for 2 and 3 word domains
  • filter by extension (TLD), for example, "com" or "net"
  • words are separated by spaces for better readability (except for hyphenated domains). Example: advanced cooking.com
  • option to sort output lists
  • can use a separate dictionary for matching the 2nd and 3rd word
  • ability to use your own dictionaries (simple .txt files)
  • includes a 100,000+ word English dictionary that includes plural and other word versions (-s, -ed, -ing, …)
  • non-matching domains are put in a separate list (in ‘Other’ tab)
  • does not contains any adware or spyware
  • free updates and support


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