Chax 3.0.2

Chax is a collection of minor modifications and additions that make using Apple's iChat more enjoyable.


  • Unified contact list shows all contacts from all accounts in one window
  • Growl notifications for new messages and users changing status
  • Automatically resize the contact list to fit the number of visible users
  • Powerful, searchable log viewer that can also browse images and URLs from past conversations
  • Activity log that displays your contacts' status changes
  • Auto-accept file transfers, AV chats, and screen sharing requests
  • Always on top option for contact list, message windows and AV chats
  • Set font of names, status messages, and group separators
  • Option to immediately display new messages, skipping the notification window
  • Show status changes directly in the message window
  • Additional unread message notifications in the Dock
  • Automatically hide chat windows and contact lists when iChat is inactive
  • Toggle text status visibility of users
  • Properly use ICQ accounts without sending text formatting in messages