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Feed Bank

Feed Bank – The ultimate multi-source news reader

  • Elegantly Simple : Feed Bank v1.6 was designed with the user in mind. With an elegant interface and easily accessible tabs, Feed Bank is the next step in keeping in touch with the world. Now with four glossy tabs, each with its own feed, you can navigate the news with speed and agility, all while having the ability to see more than one side to a story.
  • Customizable Tabs : In this version of Feed Bank, the user has the option of choosing from a variety of ten prepared news sources including ESPN, CNN, and CNET, as well as other national and international sources. And, if we don’t provide the source that you want, you have the option of retrieving a custom feed through Tab 4. Just simply copy and paste the URL into the Custom Feed box and voila, you are instantly fed a live RSS through Feed Bank.
  • Advanced Features : Feed Bank has several nifty features, including our new search bar. Our search bar enables you to quickly sort through the feed and find any specific news. Another nice feature is the ability to change the article lengths, allowing more information into less space. The customizable background color allows you to change the color scheme if you don’t like our "Classic Blue".


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