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Google Sitemap Automator

Google Sitemap Automator makes it so easy to create XML Sitemap files that tell search engines all about your website including which pages to index, how often to come back for fresh, new content, and how important each page on your website is. It takes the hassle out of submitting your website to search engines by automatically notifying major search engines when your XML Sitemap file has changed. Best of all, with these XML Sitemap files search engines give you important submission feedback such as the top keywords your web site will appear for in their index and who is linking to your website.

Just enter your website address and RAGE Sitemap Automator will take
care of the rest, generating Google, Yahoo, Bing and compliant
Sitemaps allowing you to take control of how search engines treat your
webpages. Whether you built your website by hand, in Dreamweaver,
Rapidweaver, or iWeb, Sitemap Automator will work for you.


  • Helps you quickly get your website into all major search engine indexes
  • XML Sitemaps are compatible with Yahoo, Bing and in addition to Google
  • Crawls your entire website automatically collecting all links
  • Lets you know if there are any problems with certain pages or broken links that can affect your search engine rankings
  • One of the ONLY sitemap tools that works correctly with iWeb based websites
  • Powerful filters auto set extended web page details helping search engines crawl your website
  • Fully supports robot.txt files so only the files you want indexed by search engines will be added to your XML Sitemap file
  • Helps search engines properly crawl your dynamic pages including blogs and content management systems
  • More up to date search results for your potential visitors and customers
  • Publishes your XML Sitemap in the correct location on your FTP server or iDisk
  • Notifies Google and other major search engines when you make a change to your Sitemap
  • Automatically strip certain variables, such as PHP session ids, so duplicate pages do not get added

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • 6 MB of Disk Space.


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