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iSale 5

iSale saves time, money and stress. If you’ve ever tried to go through the eBay website to submit an auction, you know where the power of iSale lies: It’s never been easier to handle all your online auctions through just one app. iSale provides you with 222 professional templates for eBay auctions. Pick the templates that work best for your items to achieve higher bids with great looking auctions.

iSale Lab – Get inspired by the iSale community:
Earn More on eBay with a little help from the huge iSale-Community. Choose one of the top 10 categories, sites or templates in the iSale Lab and be inspired by how other iSale users let their products shine in their auctions.

Prep your auctions with your iPhone:
Draft your online auctions on your iPhone. With iSale mobile you can take pictures, write down your notes and draft your auctions everywhere. Send it to iSale via WIFI and submit it to eBay with your Mac.

Every template to your needs:
Edit the layout of every iSale template according to your needs. In iSale it’s up to you how your auctions are designed: Pictures, text boxes, videos – create your own layout just by draging-and-droping.

Save money on picture fees:
Avoid pciture-hosting fees at eBay with iSale 5. iSale is able to upload pictures to MobileMe, free Picasa Web Albums or any other FTP-server helping you to lower your eBay fees. Why pay for addtional pictures in your auctions?

Embedding online videos:
iSale helps to better present your products. With iSale 5 you can add videoclips from YouTube, MySpace, MyVideo, Google Video and AOL Video, or if you’d prefer from Apple’s MobileMe gallery – you have the choice.

iSale makes creating online auctions and selling on eBay easier than ever before. iSale 5 lets you know when your auctions are missing important information and shows you an eBay preview.When it comes to the new cat in town, you have nothing to fear. iSale has been optimized for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. In fact we have found that it runs better on Snow Leopard than any other prior Mac operating system.

Check Out iSale Mobile Application for your iPhone.


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