LicenseKeeper 1.5.5

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LicenseKeeper manage serial numbers and license files. It stores and organizes important software license information, helping to prevent the loss of valuable software assets and making it accessible when needed most.

Automatic serial number scanning and software information detection greatly reduces cumbersome data entry. Attachments keep related email and documents safely archived along with license and registration records.

Keep track of all your purchased software, games, and widgets:
Manage serial numbers, license files, receipts, purchase history, and registration information. LicenseKeeper organizes all your information in a straight forward, easy to find manner.

Auto-Scan email for serial numbers:
Eliminate tedious and error-prone typing by scanning imported email for serial numbers. LicenseKeeper scans emails for serial numbers and conveniently places them in your clipboard for pasting into your software’s registration form. No more hunting for typos in long strings of random letters and numbers.

Import email from Apple Mail, Entourage, and PowerMail:
Import email from your favorite email reader with a click of a button or with drag & drop.

Import Existing Data:
LicenseKeeper can import your existing serial numbers and registration information from your current solution. Transfer your data using text files with tab-delimited or comma-separated values. LicenseKeeper can even import your serial numbers directly from your old Yojimbo library.

Fast Spotlight-like searching:
Your registration information is available, searchable, and ready when you need it most.

Print Detailed Reports:
Send detailed reports straight to your printer or save them as PDF

International Currency:
The software market is global and your purchases aren’t always in the same currency. Track the purchase price of your software licenses in U.S. Dollars, Euros, Yen, Pounds, or other local currency.

Auto-fill user information:
Through Mac OS X Address Book integration, LicenseKeeper auto-fills your registration information from your work or home entries.

Auto-Save your data:
Your data is safe. LicenseKeeper auto-saves your data even when you forget to.

Export to XML or Plain Text:
Easily export your library to common human-readable file formats — even if you decide not to buy.

What’s New in this Version

  • Fixed menu fonts on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Fixed launching and Refreshing apps who’s titles don’t match their
    executable names
  • Fixed bug where could not merge changes error message
  • New “Locate App” menu item
  • Added more Serial number scanner recognized formats

What's New

New in this Version

  • More supported Serial Number Scanning formats
  • XML import now supports merge with existing library data
  • Blurry source list icons
  • Text Import doesn’t support single-quotes as field delimiters
  • Text Import doesn’t support multi-line quoted field values (ie
    notes or comments)
  • Text Export filters out field delimiters from field values to
    prevent invalid CSV files.
  • Text Export no longer filters out line breaks from data content



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