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MVWorldviewer brings back to life the original Worldviewer from Pliris with new features and many improvements in performance. After the dissolution of Pliris many of their great applications were abandoned and lost. Fortunately I got the opportunity to purchase the source to keep Worldviewer alive and add my own improvements to it. I also kept the same key code algorithm so previous owners of the original Worldviewer can still use their old keys and not lose their investment. All of the original features were kept and many others added for this release of MVWorldviewer. Much of the backend of the program you don’t see was greatly improved to decrease resource requirements. Also some new features you can see have been added, discussed below in the features section.


  • See a snapshot of the world updated every 10 minutes right on your desktop, complete with up to date cloud cover. MVWorldviewer gathers data from various sources and turns it into something you can actually see.
  • Up to date earthquake reports over the last 7 days, color coded according to magnitude. Recent earthquakes that occurred within the last few hours are also marked in red and those which occurred over the last day are marked in orange.
  • Track tropical storms to hurricanes and cyclones with a charted path and forecasted path. All color coded according to storm strength.
  • Get your local up to date forecast. With temperature highs and lows and a summary forecast of the day and the night.
  • Set an F key to toggle between full screen and desktop mode, for taking a clearer look.
  • Choose between 6 different transition effects for desktop updates. (not all effects supported by all hardware)

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later Universal (Intel and PPC)



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