Radioshift 1.5

Rogue Amoeba
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Radioshift 1.5

With Radioshift, you can listen to and record internet and AM/FM radio from around the world on your schedule! Radioshift’s interface has been polished and touched up, and reliability has been improved across the board. Thousands of new streams are supported and reconnections and back-up streams are used if a stream errors!


  • Radio Guide: The heart of Radioshift is the Radio Guide, with over 100,000 listings.
  • Station Info: See information and schedules for thousands of radio stations.
  • Programs Too: View listings for thousands of specific radio programs as well.
  • Keyword Search: Search by keyword, from call signs ("WMFO") to names ("Eagle").
  • Genre Search: Looking for a specific type of music or talk? Drill down with Genre search.
  • World View: The beautiful World view shows listings from specific cities.
  • Bookmark Favorites: Mark stations and programs as favorites for fast access.
  • Background Recording: Radioshift records in the background, with no distractions for you.
  • Simultaneous Recordings: Multiple shows on at once? No problem! Radioshift records them all.
  • Simple Recording Options: Effortless recording defaults make recording a snap.
  • Streaming Support: Never worry about stream formats – everything plays right in Radioshift.
  • Easy Install: Don’t have all the players you need? Radioshift installs them with one click.
  • Play RealPlayer, For Real : Radioshift supports thousands of RealAudio streams too!
  • Windows Media Support: Play tens of thousands of Windows Audio streams right in Radioshift. 


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