RAGE WebCrusher 1.5.2

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Rage SERank 2.0.3

Nobody likes to wait for service, whether it’s shopping at their favorite store or browsing your website. Now with RAGE WebCrusher you can reduce your customer’s wait time, increase customer conversion and beat your competitors with a fast loading website.

RAGE WebCrusher offers one-click website optimization, reducing the time it takes for your website to load in your customer’s web browser. Create your website any way you like then run it through RAGE WebCrusher and publish it to your web server. In less than 5 minutes you will have a faster loading website with absolutely no additional work on your part.

RAGE WebCrusher reduces the size of your image files as well as your web page code. Whether you built your website with iWeb, Rapidweaver, Dreamweaver or RAGE WebDesign, RAGE WebCrusher can ensure your website loads as fast as possible for your customers.


  • Reduce the wait time for your customers when visiting your website
  • Dramatically reduce the size of your image files, including JPEGs and PNGs, so they load faster for your website visitors
  • Save costs on expensive bandwidth charges from your web hosting provider
  • Ensure Google and other search engines index all of your webpages
  • Converts CSS code to its short hand equivalent, dramatically reducing the size of your CSS files
  • Optimize any website designed using any web authoring tool including iWeb, WebDesign, Rapidweaver, Dreamweaver, Freeway & more
  • Optimize HTML newsletters sent to customers, avoiding any email rejections or slow loading emails
  • Perfect for websites targeting mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberrys
  • Publish only the optimized web pages and image files directly to your FTP server
  • Easily publish optimized websites right to your iDisk/MobileMe account
  • Quickly compare original images and website pages with your optimized images and pages so you can be sure no visual changes have been made to your website
  • Easy to use drag and drop user interface


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