Shrook 2.8

Graham Parks
1.6 MB
Operating System

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Shrook is a full-featured RSS reader that’s completely free – no ads, no spyware. And if you want to access your feeds on another Mac, iPhone or any web-connected PC, just get a account for painless synchronization.

  • Quick subscription – Shrook supports feed: links, which allow you to add a channel to Shrook just by clicking a link on a web page.
  • Instant Notifications – Built-in support for Growl
  • Spotlight support – Items from your feeds appear in Spotlight search results.
  • No Browser Required – View webpages directly in Shrook.
  • Smart Groups – Define almost any combination of rules to pick out items you want, all updated in real time.
  • Scrapbooks – Save individual items to look at later.
  • Blogging Integration – Use external blog editors directly from Shrook
  • Real-time search – Enter a word into Shrook’s search box, and the list of channels or items instantly reduces to those matching the search.
  • Secure access – Shrook provides access to private channels via HTTPS encryption (including self-signed) and password protection. Passwords are stored securely in your Keychain. It also shares credentials with Safari, so if you log in there you can read private channels in Shrook.
  • Feed Guide – Shrook comes with an integrated feed guide to help you find new sites. It’s loaded from the web, so it’s always up to date.
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