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TextSoap 6.3.4

TextSoap is the only text cleaning utility that maintains formatting while it cleans up the text. But TextSoap goes beyond just maintaining text formats. You can actually clean text based on its format or format based on text contents.

Find bolded text and tag the text with HTML tags (<b> </b>). Find any instances of a word and italicize it. Remove extra spaces or garbage characters without losing the format of your text. Click and you’re done.

TextSoap has over 100 built-in cleaners that you can use. The cleaners are attached to your text editing window. Select your text and click on the cleaner button you wish to apply. That’s all there is to it.

And if you can’t find a cleaner to do exactly what you need, you can create a custom cleaner that offers unprecedented flexibility in manipulating text and text formats.

TextSoap features a powerful cleaner called "Scrub". Scrub is a combination cleaner that is designed to handle the most common text cleaning tasks. It will remove extra spaces, fix broken paragraphs, remove email forwarding marks (>) and more. The goal of Scrub is to clean up about 90% of the cases you run into.

You may like Scrub, but want just a little bit more. You can create your own cleaner, or you can use the MyScrub feature. MyScrub allows you to build your own "Scrub". You can base it on "Scrub" or do something completely different.

Even though TextSoap comes with more than 100 built-in cleaners and MyScrub, sometimes you’ve got a special circumstance. TextSoap can build customized cleaners providing a powerful, yet simple, way to customize your cleaners.

TextSoap includes an easy to use Custom Cleaner Editor to help you create customized solutions for transforming your text. The editor uses a simple drag and drop interface to build up a list of actions into a workflow to change your text. It also includes regular expression support that works with both rich text and plain text.



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