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Washing Machine

When you surf the web, or use other programs that access the Internet,
these programs record where you go and what pages you browse. Your web
browser and other programs also store information about you and your
browsing in “cookie” files. And many programs store temporary files in
“cache” folders that can take up space and slow down your browsing.

Many of these files contain personal information that can be seen by
others who use your Mac, or by hackers who gain access to your computer.
Intego Washing Machine helps manage this information, preventing others
from seeing what you’ve been doing, and keeping your hard disk spic and
span. Washing Machine helps you protect your privacy by making it easy
to delete such information, wiping the tracks that your web browsers and
other programs record when you use the Internet.

Washing Machine can clean five types of items: Bookmarks, Caches,
Cookies, Download Histories, and Browsing Histories. It works with most
web browsers, and many utilities or other programs that store
information without your awareness. It even cleans up after some
programs that you would never think are storing data.

Key features:

  • Cleans temporary Internet files
  • Cleans caches, download histories, browsing histories, cookies and bookmarks
  • Edits cookies
  • Securely deletes files
  • Cleans files manually and automatically
  • Schedules let you run regular cleanings
  • Cleanlists and Smart cleanlists let you organize which items you want to clean
  • Works with dozens of Internet programs, as well as a number fo utilities that store caches, cookies and other files


System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later



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