WebDrive 9.11.2298

South River Technologies
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Unlike a typical FTP client, WebDrive allows you to open and edit server-based files without the additional step of downloading the file. Using the simple WebDrive site profile manager, you can configure WebDrive to mount a remote FTP server as a local file system device. By connecting through a ‘virtual’ device, there is no need to learn a separate FTP client interface. You access and edit files on the server the same way that you interact with files on your local Mac.

The WebDrive site profile manager makes it easy to define your connections. Just enter the server URL and your username and password and press "mount", to mount the selected site profile to your server. You can mount different folders on the same server to unique mount points. This provides easier access to frequently updated folders. You can also mount unique volumes to different server types. This functionality is not available in typical FTP software.

What's New

· Fixed: SSL Issue seen on Windows 7 64 bit systems mainly where an SSL receive would fail resulting in empty WebDAV directory listings.
· Fixed: Windows 7 issue when running WebDrive from the start menu resulting in multiple tray icon instances.
· Fixed: File date not showing properly for DOS style FTP server listings.
· Fixed: Windows 7 SSL issue that was causing handshake failures to some servers.
· Fixed: File synchronize issue with WebDAV that resulted in extra copies of files being saved on the server as "modified by another user" when no actual changes occured.
· Change: Run at startup option now saves information in hkey_current_user so this is now a per Windows user setting and not system wide.
· Fixed: Permissions issue on the WebDrive registry key under HKLM.
· Fixed: For DAV servers don't display folders or files in directories where the server has sent a status of 401 not authorized to display the file as part of the PROPFIND response.
· Fixed: Netware and Unix server FTP listing issue where it was not parsing month properly which resulted in some folders with spaces in them not showing up properly.
· Fixed: WebDAV issue where after a PROPPATCH to set the files modified time it may not be shows on subsequent directory listings with the proper time.
· Note: There was a security vulnerability reported in WebDrive version 9.02 dealing with permissions on the service which would allow a service change config command, this was fixed in version 9.10 of WebDrive. To reset the permissions on an existing WebDrive installation please uninstall WebDrive, reboot and then install any version of after and including version 9.10


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