accessTunes v1.7

Zelek Software
2.8 MB
Operating System
Windows Xp
Demo Shareware
iphone and ipod

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(Win) accessTunes v1.7 (Mac) accessTunes v1.7

AccessTunes allows you to play your iTunes music through any web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. You can even play your music through iTunes on another computer. How exactly does this work? We’re glad you asked! First, run the accessTunes program from the computer that stores your iTunes music. Next, you will get a special web address that you can use in any web browser on any computer. After entering the address in the web browser, you will see all of your music and playlists and be able to play them right from the website! You can even download a special file from the website that will let you remotely play your music in iTunes. From the living room, office, hotel, Internet cafe, library, or any other location … Access Your Music. Anytime. Anywhere.

Windows/Windows, Mac/Mac, Windows/Mac, Mac/Windows
What?!?! Even if you are running accessTunes on Windows, you can still open a web browser or media player on your Mac (or vice versa) and listen to your music. Just run the program on the computer that has your iTunes music. Access your music on any device that can run a web browser or media player. You can run web browsers and media players on Windows, Mac, Linux, PSP, SmartPhones, and some day … toasters.

Sure, having access to your music is great, but what about all of those great Yanni playlists that it took you days to create? Relax, accessTunes will show you all of your playlists and allow you to select just the right one to get the party started. But even better, you have total control over which playlists are shown on the website. Turn on the playlists you want, and hide the playlists you don’t.

Check a box, and enter a user name and password. It’s that simple to add security protection to your website. Now when you visit your website, just enter your name and password and all of your music is waiting for you safe and sound.

Multiple iTunes Libraries
Are you iTunes crazy? Does everyone in your house have an iPod and everybody has a separate iTunes library on the family computer? Great! accessTunes can handle multiple iTunes libraries and allows you to enable and disable which users you want to share.



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