FuturesLive 1.0

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FuturesLive 1.0

Keep track of future contracts and commodities from wherever you are with FuturesLive! With a detailed, fast and smooth interface, you will get quotes from hundreds of future contracts from all the major exchanges including CME and NYM. From the team that brought you PortfolioLive and ChartsLive, FuturesLive comes with many features that will keep you informed on futures while on the move.


  • Detailed screens filled with data yet easy to read with a smooth, elegant interface.
  • Support for hundreds of futures available from all the major exchanges including CME, NYM, CBOT, CMX, NYB, and more!
  • Full future chain display with detailed data for each future contract in the chain, including quotes, charts, day high/low, future specs, and much more.
  • Keep notes on each future contract for later referral.
  • Ships with pre-loaded portfolios for Energy, Metals, Grains, Livestock, Softs, Currency and Indices.
  • Ability to create your own portfolios to add ANY future you want up to a maximum of 50!
  • Clear visual cues that help you distinguish between expired and non-expired futures, and front months.
  • Automatically updates front month contract and updates/deletes futures as they expire.
  • Keeps up to 6 expired futures with latest quote data available with ability to set this number from 0 to 6 expired futures to show in future chain.
  • Watchlist section in which you can add any future, including specific month contract, and be able to arrange them however you want or have FuturesLive automatically group them for you by Energy, Metals, Grains, etc.
  • Comes with chart designer to create and save your own chart designs and apply them to any future in your portfolios.
  • Built-in news reader with article preview and full article display in the app.
  • Ability to control the frequency of quote updates so you can balance update speed with battery consumption.
  • Fast, crash free performance.


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