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iPhone Contacts Synchronizer

"Contacts Synchronizer for iPhone" will help you to transfer desktop database contents to iPhone Contacts Application.

It allows to transfer databases like MS Access, MS FoxPro, MySQL, dBase, and any ODBC Compliant Database like Oracle, SQL Server on IPhone Contacts. It follows very simple approach. There are two components. One works on desktop computer having Microsoft windows and other on iPhone. You just have to use the desktop side program (iPhoneContactSync) to create desktop database profile(selection of database).
Just run iPhone side program to work with Desktop component.


  • Overwrite/Adds any database to iPhone Contacts
  • Other Group data will be safe while syncing any database with the specific Group.
  • Supported Databases: MS Access, MS Excel, MS FoxPro, dBase, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and any ODBC-compliant Databases.
  • Transfer data from multiple tables.
  • Wireless data transmission.
  • Transfer data to specific iPhone Contacts Group.
  • Creates various Group in iPhone Contacts application.
  • Data is secured as 128 bit AES used for encryption.
  • Supports Unicode language database such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian etc.


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