MobileSync Browser 0.9.43

Vaughn S. Cordero
3.1 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
Demo Shareware
iphone and ipod

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MobileSync Browser 0.9.43

MobileSyncBrowser (MSB) is the simple, intuitive software utility to view, protect and recover your iPhone and iPod Touch data from your Mac or Windows PC.

Every time you sync your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer, iTunes makes a backup of many vital files on your device and stores them in a special folder. Even if your phone is working properly, there are certain kinds of data that are normally not available to you. These include your SMS messages, your Call History and up until recently, your Notes.

MSB interprets and formats this data to let you view and export your data for reference purposes.MSB also keeps a ‘running archive’ separate from the backup. Your new data is added to this archive every time you run MSB. This is very helpful in case you have one of those ‘oops’ moments when you accidentally delete an important piece of data.

MSB can read your backup and give you access to your data. Whether on a Mac or PC, you can view your data in a single window with an easy, iPhone-like interface.



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