MyFeeds 1.0

Impiger Technologies Inc
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iphone and ipod

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MyFeeds 1.0

MyFeeds RSS feed Reader Application for iPhones and iPods. 
If you’re looking to keep up with feeds on the go, MyFeeds RSS Feed Reader app is built just for you. A light, easy to navigate RSS feed reader application for the iPhone and iPod users, this comes bundled with plenty of your favorite feeds. And you can even add audio and video feeds.    

You can preview a feed and in one touch read the full content. It also offers great features like adding or deleting a feed or category; changing the order of the category or feeds; and works with GPRS or Wi-Fi to fetch the news.

Key Features:

  • Robust RSS reader built specifically for iPhone and iPod touch
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • The app comes bundled with a lot of RSS Feed categories including:
    • Sports – Tennis, Golf, Soccer, NBA, NHL, NFL, Formula 1, Cricket, etc.
    • News – US News, World News
    • Weather
    • Science
    • Technology
  • Users can add their own news categories
  • Users can add more RSS feeds in each category
  • Each mini-content within a feed can be previewed and full story can be viewed with the click of a button from the preview page
  • Users can also delete any category or feed
  • Works over GPRS or Wi-Fi to fetch the news
  • Lite version is available for free download but with limited number of categories and feeds


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