NoteMaster 3.0

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NoteMaster 3.0

Use NoteMaster to quickly and easily create notes containing text, images, and headers. Images are inserted right into the note where they belong, without resorting to clumsy attachments. Bold text headers allow you to further organize your note into logical sections. And now in version 3.0 NoteMaster supports "themes". Choose from a variety of gorgeous backgorunds and fonts for your notes.

Keep your notes organized by creating note categories and assigning your notes to them. Categories can be password-protected for privacy. Browse your notes by category or find them quickly using the full-text search.

NoteMaster syncs its notes with the Google Docs™ program, allowing you to view and edit our notes online or on your computer—all text, headers, and images are preserved! Syncing is as easy as the press of a single button—NoteMaster keeps track of which notes need syncing, so you don’t have to. Or easily share a note with a friend by e-mailing it at a rich HTML e-mail.



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