pcYourPod 1.2

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Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
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iphone and ipod

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pcYourPod 1.2

pcYourPod let’s you play music from your iPod on your PC. The interface
has the same controls as your iPod, so you will know how to use it
right away. You can use your mouse and the clickwheel controls, or use
the arrow keys to control pcYourPod. Even press and hold the Play/Pause
button to exit.

pcYourPod will automatically detect an iPod connected to your
computer by looking for an iTunesDB file. The iTunesDB file contains
all of the information about the songs on your iPod.

pcYourPod will search all of your drives for an iPod_Control folder,
and if found will find your iTunesDB. If your iPod doesn’t have the
iPod_Control structure you can use Settings -> Change DB Location to
find your iTunesDB file.

You can also make a backup of your iPod on a CD or DVD and play
music from it. Have your music on your computer even when you don’t
have your iPod with you! When your iPod is connected to your computer
it shows up as a normal disk drive. Just make a backup of the iPod
drive and play your music from any PC. See the pcYourPod Support Page
for complete instructions. Note: There can be a delay when some CD/DVD
start reading data. If it happen often you may need to update your
drive’s driver.

When pcYourPod is stated it will search for devices ( mobile phones
or Pocket PCs ) that are connected via ActiveSynch. If a device is
found the Copy Selected to Device button will be visible. Select the
songs you want to copy in the details window and press the Copy
Selected to Device button. The songs will be copied to the My
DocumentsMy Music folder on the device.



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