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QuickVoice iP

QuickVoice, the award winning voice recorder for Mac and Windows, is now available for the amazing iPhone (and microphone equipped 2G iPod Touch)! With QuickVoice you can conveniently record voice notes, reminders, dictations, meetings, interviews, shopping lists, to do lists, and even entire lectures and multi-session seminars. Ideal for professional, student, and personal use.

QuickVoice is a professional level "touch & speak" iPhone voice recorder with high end features usually found only in expensive and dedicated hardware recorders. Compare these features, and you’ll agree… No other iPhone voice recorder even comes close.


  • One Click Record; One Click Stop & Save
  • iPhone Voice-To-Text Email Powered by SpinVox!
  • Voice Message Emailing Directly From the iPhone
  • Pause Record and Resume
  • A Free QuickVoice Desktop BONUS App (a $15 value!)
  • Adjustable Recording Qualities up to CD Quality
  • Flip Mode For "Mic on Top" Recording
  • Record Timer & Playback Counter Displays
  • Double Tap a Message for Quick Playback
  • Automatic File Naming with Optional Renaming
  • Finger Scroll thru Messages
  • Pause & Resume Playback
  • Playback Drag Slider (necessary for long recordings!)
  • Vibrate When Record or Stop Buttons are Selected
  • Adjustable Recording Qualities up to CD Quality
  • Audio Level Meter
  • Displays File Sizes and Time Stamps
  • Play Back thru main speakers, ear speaker, or ear buds
  • Use iPhone’s Built-In or External Microphones
  • Great Design (Works Like iPhone’s Visual Voice Mail) 


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