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Roll Xmas Ball 1.0

Roll Xmas Ball is a fun new 2D and 3D roller ball game for Iphone. The app challenges players to travel through a labyrinth of moving black holes and shifting objects in order to light all the Christmas balls.  A fun game for all the familly. Tilt the Iphone and drive the ball to Light all the Christmas balls over 22 fun levels, from easy to hard.

The object of Roll Xmas Ball is to light up all the balls for Christmas.  It may sound easy but each level increases in difficulty and there’s plenty of challenge here.

Players use one ball to light all the others.  In order to do that, they must move through a labyrinth, while dodging black holes and objects that seem determined to stop a user in their tracks.

To get users started, Roll Xmas Ball offers three training levels.  These stages are easy, meant for players to learn the game and get used to both the 2D and 3D play format. Controlling play is a matter of tilting the iPhone or iPod Touch.  The app has a built-in accelerometer, so users know that the gaming experience will be smooth and they can choose to play in portrait or landscape layout.

Roll Xmas Ball has nineteen levels, over and above the three training ones, which range from easy to difficult.  There is no level restriction, so users can choose where they want to play at random. The app does have a timer, which only adds to the heightened sense of excitement.  Users will want to work on their speed if they wish to win the game.

There are three play modes in Roll Xmas Ball:

  • Training with 3 easy and complete 2D and 3D levels
  • Play mode with 19 levels and time constraint with moving holes and moving objects
  • Test your skills on a given level

Roll Xmas Ball Features:

  • Simple and intuitive control using the built-in accelerometer.
  • Play in 2D and 3D with the camera following the ball.
  • Amazing Graphics and Sound effects.
  • Play over 19 beautiful levels in time constraint.
  • Difficulty increases with each level
  • Training with 3 levels in 2D and 3D
  • Play any level you want with no restriction
  • Music switch ON/OFF



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