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rubiTrack for iPhone 2.0

Turn your iPhone 3GS and 3G into a fully fledged activity recorder and management device with rubiTrack! With rubiTrack you can record and manage all your outdoor activities like biking, running, walking and hiking.

rubiTrack comes with optional track maps and activity analysis features like configurable activity charts and track view.


  • The activity recorder displays a live track preview with optional maps background with compass arrow and elevation chart. rubiTrack lets you lock the device so you can put it in a pocket during the recording.
  • The history lets you quickly review and compare done activities showing their most important data and instant track and elevation charts.
  • The activity details give you full access to the powerful configurable activity charts and track views with analysis features. 
  • The workout summary lets you analyse past workouts as a whole displaying a configurable chart that shows your progress over time.
  • rubiTrack directly 2-way syncs to and from rubiTrack for Mac via Wi-Fi without having to upload your data to an online web service.

What’s new:

  • New recorder UI with optional live maps.
  • Recorder locking for safely putting the iPhone in a pocket during recording.
  • Configurable activity charts to display speed, pace, elevation and more.
  • Detailed activity track with quick statistics feature and maps.
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly workout summary chart.
  • 2-way syncing to and from rubiTrack for Mac.
  • Counts calories during recording.
  • Many other improvements.


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