Wireless Database Viewer Plus 2.3

Wireless Database Viewer Plus allows you to be more productive by allowing you to view and update database contents on your iPhone wirelessly. Database Viewer Plus allows to sync with Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and any ODBC Compliant database like Oracle, SQL Server, etc.


  • Synchronize any desktop side database Wirelessly on your IPhone Device. (3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi).
  • Update data on the field, which will reflect to Server database(Desktop database).
  • Synchronize Table/View or Stored Procedure of your database with iPhone.
  • Synchronize only updated desktop data to iPhone.
  • Apply SQL Select queries, Filters, Sort the fields and Push data according to it.
  • Supported Databases: MS Access, MS Excel, FilePro ,Oracle, SQL Server, FoxPro, dBase, CSV and any ODBC Compliant Database.
  • Make a phone call for the selected field’s numeric contents, which will be treated as a phone number.
  • Find option to search a specific record.
  • Create your own custom database on iPhone, or choose from one of the pre-designed templates such as VehicleInfo, BankAccount,MembershipInfo etc.
  • Support for various font type and font size, text alignment, date and time formats on iPhone.
  • Data is secured as 128 bit AES used for encryption.
  • Supports Unicode language database such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian etc.(Sample screens of unicode data in DBViewerPlus)


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