Logitech G15 Keyboard Driver 3.02.173

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Windows Vista
Keyboard Driver

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Logitech G15 Keyboard Driver 3.02.173

About Logitech G15 Keyboard Driver 3.02.173

Logitech G15 Keyboard Driver 3.02.173 is Keyboard driver from LOGITECH.

LUA Scripting changes: Scripting now works properly on the G13.Added an additional LUA function; "SetMKeyState".G-Key and M-key events can now distinguish between G-series keyboards and the G13.The "OutputLCDMessage" function now correctly interprets the delay in seconds. G-series Key Profiler Changes: Added an additional function macro to assign G-keys to M1, M2 or M3. SDK Changes: Fixed critical section leak in the "CLCDConnection" class SideShow Changes: The G-series LCD (color and monochrome) is now supported as a Microsoft SideShow device on Windows Vista.Support for Microsoft Sideshow is has been re-enabled for 64-bit Windows Vista. Applets: The volume display should now show on the LCD when changing volume.Should work with the 3.1 patch of World of Warcraft. New Features: Introducing the LCD Applet Finder for easier applet navigation. Limitations:
There is currently no analog joystick support for the G13 device.If you change a M state (M1>M2, M3>M1, etc) while a macro is being executed or a key is being pressed down, the assignment for that key will halt (As we can’t have the event/keypress from, say, M1 carry over when you switch to M2). If you release the key and press it back down, it will work just fine with the new M set. This has always been the function of the software, but now with the ability to change M sets via the G keys, we believe people might see this behavior more often.



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