Kitty Spangles Sudoku 1.0

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Kitty Spangles Sudoku 1.0

Kitty Spangles Sudoku 1.0 details

The premier Sudoku for your Mac, featuring a fantastic range of
beautifully animated and stylish themes to choose from. Crafted on the
Mac by long-time Mac developers, Kitty uses the latest Mac technologies
to present Sudoku as never before. Players can customize Kitty’s looks
by choosing from a range of stylish fonts and font sizes. Plus, you can
seamlessly resize the Sudoku window to fit your display, letting you
mix Sudoku with your other Mac activities.

Featuring unlimited, symmetrical puzzles with 4 difficulty
levels, Kitty Spangles Sudoku provides a gentle and fun workout for
your brain. Kitty also comes with unlimited Undos and Redos, to help
you solve more puzzles. Kitty remembers all your statistics and games,
including the number of games played and won, times, winning streaks,
and much more. Compare your stats with other players!

Create your own puzzles using Kitty’s built-in puzzle editor,
or copy a puzzle from a newspaper, book, webiste, etc. Kitty can even
solve your puzzles for you! Want to share your puzzles? No problem!
Kitty can save any puzzle as a PDF file, which you can print or share
with friends. 

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • 400MHz PowerPC G3 processor or later
  • 16MB video RAM or higher


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