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BeamReader PDF viewer

BeamReader is the first full fidelity native PDF reader for the BlackBerry. Now you can view your PDF e-mail attachments or PDF documents stored on your memory card without any loss of quality (i.e. the documents look exactly as they would when viewed on the PC). All of the original fonts, images and formatting is completely preserved. Furthermore, rendering of the documents is completely local to the device and you do not need a data plan to use the reader. BeamReader is the fastest and most intuitive PDF viewing solution available for the BlackBerry platform.

In addition to full fidelity native PDF viewing, BeamReader is also an intuitive fully featured file manager that enables convenient access and management of other document formats (e.g. MS Office*, images and audio/video files). Now you can manage all of the files on your BlackBerry from one place and natively access these files via other applications available on your device. Some of the features of the BeamReader File Manager include: opening of different file types, copy/paste/delete/rename, multi select, ability to attach stored files to new e-mails, image viewing, creation of new MS Office documents, and much more.


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