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MMS Player 1.0

InterObject’s dedicated MMS player for Symbian OS provides features beyond those available in the Series 60 operating system’s own MMS player. These include:

* Indication of current and total presentation time and slide count

* Automatic transfer to next slide according to timing information encapsulated in the MMS message, with no need for user intervention (though users may select desired slides for playback)

* Full support for 3GPP PSS SMIL profiles (3GPP R5), including such advanced features as transitions and animation effects

* Optional support for MPEG-4 video and 3GP files

* Optional support for mobile XHTML

* Optional support for MPEG-4 video with AMR or AAC audio RTP streaming as per 3GPP TS 26.234

InterObject’s MMS player is fully integrated with the Series 60 operating system’s messaging application. All standard tasks unrelated to MMS message playback are performed by the original Series 60 application and through its standard GUI. As soon as users select MMS messages for playback, the InterObject MMS player is launched to play them back instead of the original Series 60 MMS player.

The player complies with the following standards:

* 3GPP R5 SMIL profile

* W3C SMIL 2.0 specification ( )

* 3GPP MMS Functional description

* MMS Conformance Document 2.0.0


· S60 device


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