Nokia E75 Wireless Presenter

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Nokia E75 Wireless Presenter

The Wireless Presenter is the perfect tool to manage your PowerPoint presentations and to show the phone screen on any PC in real time.

The Wireless Presenter utilises Bluetooth or WiFi on the smartphone to manage a Power Point presentation from a distance, while simultaneously displaying notes on the smartphone screen.

The application counts the time from the start to control the total duration of the speech, helping to make it brief and concise.

The most interesting feature enables displaying the phone screen on a PC computer. It is useful if someone would like to show the smartphone features, some interesting content or possibilities of any mobile application to wider audience.

The new Wireless Presenter from Psiloc satisfies the demand for an efficient and easy-to-use smartphone business tool. The only requirements are that the PC is Bluetooth/WLAN-compatible and has Windows XP/Vista with Service Pack 2 installed.



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