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Nokia Music Space

Nokia Music gives every day a soundtrack. Organise and transfer the music you love, rip and burn CD’s, discover and download from Nokia Music Store seamlessly integrated with your PC and mobile device. It lets you search, organise and listen to your music collection easily in one place, whether from the PC, mobile devices, CDs, or Nokia Music Store. Nokia Music putting your music at your finger tips.

Moving tracks and playlists to and from your PC and mobile devices has never been easier. Simply set up auto-transfer rules between your mobile device and PC or just drag and drop your music where you want, whenever you want. You can listen to your favourite CD’s on the go by ripping it direct to your mobile device. There is no need to rip it to your computer first and you can complete the picture with album artwork.

Many Nokia phones have music players, all stylishly designed to store and play music while on the move. Each compatible device has different features to help you enjoy your music. With every one of the phones listed below, you can play tracks downloaded from Nokia Music Store. You can also transfer music from your PC and play songs ripped from audio CDs.


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