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Opera Mobile 10 beta boasts a powerful new user interface. Merging the best from our desktop browser with new innovations for mobile phones, Opera Mobile is advanced and highly intuitive to use. Most notable in the new Opera Mobile 10 beta is a sleek design, which Opera first introduced to the world in the recent release of Opera Mini 5 beta. The crisp, new look introduces the Speed Dial, tabbed browsing and the always convenient password manager to Opera Mobile.


Faster browsing: Opera Mobile 10 beta is faster at rendering pages, zooming, panning and almost everything else you do with a browser. Page downloading is now 50% faster than the previous version of Opera for Symbian/S60 phones.

Speed Dial: Get to your favorite Web page with just one click, with a set of visual bookmarks that appear when you open a new tab. To add a new page, simply click on an empty Speed Dial slot.

Tabs: With tabbed browsing, you no longer need to interrupt one session to start another. Check your Web mail in one window, Facebook in another, Twitter in a third and all that while checking the latest sports results.

Touch & keypad: The user interface has been designed for both touchscreen and keypad-style mobile phones. With a touchscreen, you can enjoy even easier navigation with our new adaptive zoom feature.

Opera Turbo: Opera’s servers compress Web pages up to 70%, greatly reducing the cost of browsing. Opera Turbo saves you both time and money, and makes Web browsing more enjoyable.

Password manager: Say goodbye to typing in hard-to-remember usernames and passwords. Opera Mobile 10 will remember your credentials, and you can log on to your favorite Web sites with just a single click.

Improved Web-standards support: Opera Mobile is the most standards-compliant mobile browser available. Opera Software remains steadfast in its commitment to make the Web accessible for all.

A true Web experience: With Opera Mobile, you can now easily multi-task with tabbed browsing, switching between multiple tabs.



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