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Oxygen Forensic Suite 2010 2.6.5

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2 is a mobile Forensic software that goes beyond standard logical analysis of cell phones, smartphones, and PDAs. Using advance proprietary protocols permits Oxygen Forensic Suite 2 to extract much more data than usually extracted by logical forensic tools, especially for smartphones. It extracts data from Nokia, iPhone, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Panasonic, Siemens, HTC, HP, E-Ten, Gigabyte, i-Mate, Vertu and many other mobile phones.

Features available in Oxygen Forensic Suite 2:

  • Support for Symbian OS smartphones, Window Mobile and BlackBerry devices. The amount of useful data, extracted from these devices, considerably exceeds the capabilities of other products.
  • User-friendly interface for data analysis. The data is grouped according to its classes. A convenient search and sorting engine and content filtering are implemented.
  • Access to Geo event positioning (LifeBlog) information. LifeBlog is a Nokia application preinstalled in the majority of Symbian OS smartphones that stores main phone events: SMS, calendar events, photos, etc. What is important, all LifeBlog events are connected with particular geographical coordinates, so it gives an opportunity to find the location of the phone owner while he or she was sending SMS or making a photo. "Oxygen Forensic Suite 2" is the only program that can extract such information and even show the scene of every event on the map.
  • Data extraction from custom SMS folders. Besides standard SMS folders, smartphones permit to create custom SMS folders. For example, for messages of a particular type or for a certain contact. In such folders the most interesting information is usually stored. Only "Oxygen Forensic Suite 2" has an access to the messages in custom SMS folders.
  • Extraction of information about deleted SMS messages. Even if a message was deleted from a Symbian OS smartphone, the information about it can be extracted! Many other programs can also show deleted messages but on a SIM card only. It is very misleading because the majority of phones and smartphones do not store messages on their SIM cards, using phone memory instead of it
  • Direct access to the data. Access to Windows Mobile devices is possible without ActiveSync/Vista Sync Center that may change the data in the examined phone.
  • Access to Event Log in Symbian OS smartphones includes the information about GPRS, EDGE, CSD, HSCSD and Wi-Fi activity (besides the standard information about calls).
  • Access to Event Log in Windows Mobile devices.
  • Extraction of contact field labels from Symbian OS smartphones, including the ones changed by the user.
  • Extraction of the fields of the same type with the same attribute from Symbian OS smartphones. The data is fully shown if its types and modifiers coincide with the fields extracted before.
  • Extended information about contacts. The program extracts the information about caller groups and speed dials that can point to the communication frequency between the phone owner and specified contacts.
  • Extraction of the last modification date of contacts and calendar events.
  • Extraction of the message Service Center Time Stamp. This feature is available for all Symbian OS smartphones.
  • Easy device connection. Data extraction is performed via standard cables and adapters. No other expensive equipment is needed.
  • Unique Forensic protocol for access to smartphones, created especially for safe extraction of maximum information. Standard protocols (AT, OBEX, SyncML), used by other software, are developed for data synchronization and may change the data of the examined device.
  • Web browsers cache analyzer, allowing to extract and examine cache files of mobile web browsers (preinstalled as well as 3rd party ones).
  • Data extraction from exclusive devices, like Vertu and Mobiado.


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