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Skype Lite

Skype Lite is a small downloadable application which uses your existing mobile and calling and data plans to access Skype on the move.You can use this version anywhere you have a mobile connection, however charges may apply to all calls made and received using Skype. With this tiny app on your mobile, you’ll always know when your friends are online and you can call them for the cost of a local call (or use your inclusive minutes from your mobile plan). Calling with Skype is only available in Australia, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the United States and the UK.You can call friends and family from the bus or while you’re sipping a latte in your favorite coffee shop, wherever they are in the world. Best of all, your phone will work as normal, no WiFi or 3G connection needed and you won’t need to change operator.

It’s currently available in English, German, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Estonian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French. Call phones anywhere in the world at great rates by searching your mobile’s phone book from Skype. You can call phones with pay as you go credit or with a subscription you get unlimited calls to landline.


  • Local rate calls to your Skype contacts wherever they are.
  • Call on Skype wherever you are¹ – no WiFi or 3G required.
  • Instant message from your mobile.
  • Save on overseas calls to phones and mobiles.


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