Active Directory Janitor 2.1.9174

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Active Directory Janitor 2.1.9

Use Active Directory Janitor to cleanup Active Directory (delete, move or disable) accounts and increase your Active Directory security and general network performance.

Maybe without knowing it you probably have a problem that grows bigger every day. An Active Directory structure that are full of obsolete computer and user objects. Have you any idea of how much information that is replicated around without any reason and slows down daily work? Do you know how this extra load affects your end users? Maybe you are aware of the problem and rely on dangerous scripts or other non-supported third party products?

The maintenance of Active Directory content needs to be done on a regular basis.


  • Easy to use standard Windows graphical interface.
  • Increase Active Directory security: Choose among 35 properties when scanning your network environment.
  • Pick user or computer accounts to scan in three different ways: Manually, from Active Directory and import.
  • Perform cleanup operations: Delete, disable, move and enable Active Directory accounts in seconds.
  • Export all or part of your scan results
  • Increase Active Directory security: Identify user accounts with high security risk
  • For the non-replicated account properties all domain controllers will be contacted and the most recent value will be used.



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