ActiveXperts Network Monitor

ActiveXperts Network Monitor is a network and server monitoring tool that enables administrators to monitor the network for failures and irregularities automatically. It can monitor all aspects of your LAN- and WAN servers, workstations and IP devices.

The mission of the product is to maximize the reliability of your production servers and applications through the automatic detection and correction of problems and issues.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor is delivered with many built-in checks, including: Active Directory, CPU, Disks, DNS, Event Logs, MS Exchange, Files and Directories, FTP sites, HTTP/HTTPS, Humidity, IMAP4, Memory Usage, MS SQL, NNTP, Novell NDS, NTDS (NT4 DS), NTP, ODBC, Oracle, Printers, Processes, SMTP/POP3, SNMP, TCP/UDP ports, Users/groups, UNIX Scripts (RSH), VBScript, Wetness, WMI.

ActiveXperts’ powerful Network Monitor Engine technology has been adopted by several software companies all over the world. ActiveXperts’ Network Monitoring technologies is used by thousands of companies all over the world, making ActiveXperts the leading provider of Network Monitoring solutions.

  • Checks (IP-based): ICMP, DNS, HTTP(s), FTP, SMTP, POP3, SNMP, SNMP Traps, LDAP, NTP, NNTP and more
  • Checks (Windows OS): CPU, File/Directory, Disks, Event Log, Memory, Process, Service, Terminal Server and more
  • Checks (Windows BackOffice): MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS ISA, MS Message Queue and more
  • Checks (Windows Anti-Virus): McAfee, Norton, NOD32, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Sophos, Avast, AVG, Norman, Panda and more
  • Checks (Linux/Unix OS): CPU, File/Directory, Disks, Memory, Daemon and more
  • Checks (Environmental): Temperature, Humidity, Wetness, Smoke, Motion, Resistance, Light, Door, Power and more
  • Checks (Database): MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, ODBC, OLE/DB (Progress, SyBase, Informix, Paradox, IBM DB2, …)
  • Custom Checks (Windows): PowerShell, VBScript
  • Custom Checks (Linux/Unix): SSH, RSH
  • Notifications: E-mail, SMS (GSM, SMPP, HTTP), Pager, SNMP Trap, Network Popup 


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