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AdminUCV NGN 1.0.3

AdminUCV NGN is an Open Source application for network management with GNU GPL license, written in Java/C++, that supports IPv4 and IPv6. It brings in one application an SNMP based manager (SNMP v1 and v2c), a graphical tool to monitor the network, a traps receiver, a MIBs compiler and a set of administrative tools such as ping, tracert, TCP ports scanner and sniffer.

This module is a manager for network administration via SNMP (with support for versions 1 and 2c) based on SNMP4j. It supports the basic operations of the protocol such as GetRequest, GetNextRequest, SetRequest, GetBulkRequest (only for version 2c) and additionally supports advanced operations such as Walk to get a subtree of the MIB, and Table view to view the data in a table ordered by columns.

The SNMP Manager also has a Parser or MIBs Compiler, based on Mibble. So users can import new MIBs to the application, and the results of the compiled MIBs are displayed in a tree structure.

This module of AdminUCV NGN allows users to monitor SNMP variables graphically. Also, the traffic that passes through an interface can be visualized.

It is a daemon that receives SNMP traps (the UDP port can be configured) and shows the traps information in a user-friendly way.

This module allows users to capture network traffic and provides analysis of the packages. It is based on Jpcap. The protocols supported by the sniffer are: ARP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4, ICMPv6, TCP, UDP and SNMP (Versions 1 and 2c). The module is limited to capture up 500,000 packets, which are displayed in blocks of 10,000 packets.

This module reports active TCP ports in a host or range of hosts with contiguous IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, it also allows connectivity test and lets define the range of ports to be analyzed.



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