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GreatNMS 1.04

GreatNMS is a standards-based network management and monitoring system (NMS). It can discover, monitor and perform many functions with virtually any vendor SNMP or TCP/IP devices. It provides you with the consistent geographical view of your whole network (thousands of IP nodes), helps with its configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. It is client-server system which allows secure performing NMS functions by several remote users simultaneously . GreatNMS can be successfully used in both enterprise and service provider networks with carrier-grade reliability.


  • Hierarchical maps system: complete end-to-end network view and inventory.
  • 24 x 7 performance and availability monitoring at multiple levels: network/map/submap/device/interface.
  • Scalable to virtually unlimited number of network nodes (note: GreatNMS server still can be simple WinXP or Vista PC).
  • Auto-discovery (via SNMP, TCP/IP and Microsoft Domains).
  • "Top 10" feature allows to report most used or most faulty ports/interfaces in large networks. New!  
  • Graphical links representation and link status background monitoring.
  • Capability to manage / monitor any vendor SNMP or TCP/IP compliant devices
  • Capability to compile any vendor private SNMP MIBs and create corresponding custom devices types. GUI Capability to build
  • custom MIB monitoring applications and assign it  to 3rd party devices.
  • Client-server multi-user system with multiple user profiles. Optional capability to use MS Windows Authentication and
  • profiles.
  • Rich and friendly GUI available to simultaneous users both locally (at the server) and via remote Web-based console. Secure
  • remote HTTPS access via Web Browser, no special client software installation is required. Encryption and password system
  • corresponds to the requirements of US Department of Defense.
  • All SNMP versions supported (SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3 /including AES128 privacy protocol support/)
  • Embedded Telnet/Telnet over SSL/SSH/TL-1 configuration option for non-SNMP compliant devices
  • Both IPv4 and IPv6 supported.
  • TFTP client and server included.
  • sysLog client  and server included.
  • HOST-MIB GUI support: CPUs load monitoring with thresholds alarms, software inventory report for all the devices
  • supporting HOST-MIB (like Windows computers)
  • RMON-MIB groups 1, 2, 3, and 9 GUI are supported for any RMON capable devices.
  • GUI support for many other standard  SNMP MIBs.
  • MIB Browser included.,
  • Included special support for Cisco SNMP agents and MS Windows SNMP agents.
  • E-mail notification of alarms and/or SNMP Traps with customized filters.
  • Alarms history is kept in standard SQL Database (Microsoft SQL Server Express is installed with GreatNMS). Allows
  • viewing/reporting  alarms per submap/device/port/interface  for last hour, day, week, month,…etc
  • Capability to send all the alarms to Windows Event Log.
  • Capability to forward all the alarms to other NMS/OSS as SNMP Traps, TL-1 asynchronous messages, sysLog messages.
  • Current Alarms Log (vs. History Alarms Log) shows only current problems. Sophisticated alarms correlation algorithm is
  • used.
  • Alarms Clear and Alarms Acknowledgement features allow to keep record of which user/operator was dealing with any
  • particular alarm.
  • Backup/restore functions of all the maps/devices/alarms/settings
  • Device/Port/Interface performance is displayed in tables and graphs.
  • Performance and traffic monitored over a period of time.
  • Powerful event monitoring with configurable alarm actions, scripts and  sounds notification.
  • Capability to auto-discover and monitor performance of mission-critical Layer-7 network services, such as e-mail, FTP,
  • HTTP, etc…
  • TL1 Northbound interface, TL1 gateway and TL1-SNMP translation software for any SNMP capable device, TL1 proxy.
  • XML Northbound interface, XML-SNMP translation software for any SNMP capable device, XML proxy.
  • SNMP Northbound interface, GreatNMS comes with its own SNMP Agent and supported private MIB.
  • Carriers / Service Providers features: Service Monitoring and SLA calculation reports.
  • Device/NMS Actions scheduler feature allows to schedule important device/network maintenance operations.
  • Distributed management model: one GreatNMS server can monitor another GreatNMS server and even access management
  • functions for the devices located on the maps of another server (SNMP proxy).
  • Capability to run GreatNMS server as Windows service.
  • Support for Dataprobe COE-8O Contact Closure unit to provide dry contacts set in response to events/alarms.


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