LaneCat Inside Monitoring Software

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LaneCat Inside Monitoring Software

Lanecat Inside employee monitoring software is designed to help you keep a close eye on how your employee use their computers during working hours, it aims to put a final end to the abuse of computers and act as a dutiful guard of your confidential information. With such a powerful employee monitoring software, you will never need to worry about the decrease of productivity and working efficiency, security of your confidential information and so on .

Lanecat Inside Employee monitoring software is powerful and easy to use for its ingeniously created base layer and intuitive interface. It can monitor the desktop of their computers, keep a detailed log of software and hardware installed on the computer, monitor files and shared files actions, printing jobs, even when they take the computers away , say, to their dorm,home,or other places, what have they done will be stransmited via email to you!

What changes can LaneCat employee monitoring software result in :

  • Increased efficiency of employees
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced misuse of computer and internet


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