OidView Professional 4.1 Build 72

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OidView Professional 4.1 Build 72

OidView is a modular SNMP Analysis Toolset and MIB Browser for Network Management Enthusiasts! As new technologies emerge ByteSphere produces new modules for use with OidView. The console is the heart of OidView, lending control to the administrator in a variety of ways. Manage SNMP MIB Browser and Analysis Sessions, Graph MIB Values, Trace PDUs, Capture SNMP Traps and Compile MIBs all at the touch of a button.

Browse MIBs of SNMP Agents – OidView supports all SNMP versions SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3, including automatic determination of SNMP version and SNMPv3 Engine Discovery.

Multiple Sessions – MIB Browser can analyze up to 10 SNMP Agents at once and can also open an unlimited number of MIB Browsers – this is revolutionary as most other MIB Browsers force you to open a new application. OidView has tabbed browsers, allowing you to tab back and forth between them to compare values, etc. Selectively load MIBs into single or multiple sessions. Instantly compare tabular or graphed result sets without having to lose momentum during analysis. Multiple sub modules can be launched per active session. Load old sessions or configure active sessions at the touch of a button.

Examine Mibwalks – OidView MIB Browser can analyze Mibwalks as well as live SNMP agents. Use when a live agent or an SNMP simulator isn’t available! Also useful when needing to simulate an excessively large mibwalk. Use our free walkAgent tool to get MIB "Snapshots" of an agent, or use mibwalks from other tools (OidView currently supports many different versions of mibwalks). New mibwalk definitions for import by MIB Browser can be defined via XML.

Built-in MIB Compiler and MIB Manager – OidView arguably has the most advanced SNMP MIB Manager and UI compiler available. It is fully capable of compiling both Standard and Vendor Proprietary SMIv1 and SMIv2 ASN.1 MIB Definitions. MIBs can be loaded and/or compiled in any order.

The OidView MIB Compiler will automatically search for needed definitions, remembers commonly used MIB folders, and will even allow edits during compile time. Setup some MIBs as aliases to others to aid in compilation of older, out-of-date MIBs or MIBs with non-standard or incorrect IMPORT statements.



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