ProtoMon 1.6 Build 90

Badhim Software
2 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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ProtoMon is a server monitoring software that will automatically check your servers at specified intervals and notify you when some of them are not responding. Use this software program to ensure that your web-site, e-mail and file servers and other TCP-based applications are available and performing with the acceptable response times.

Increase your servers uptime with ProtoMon! This application tells you about your servers failures before your clients do. Thus, you can take the immediate actions to get them back to work and prevent the lost of revenue and profit.


* Web servers, using the HTTP or HTTPS protocols. It supports the GET, POST, and HEAD queries. ProtoMon can also use authentication, any proxy server with authorization, process redirects and check the destination URL, check the downloaded content using the powerful filters.

* File servers, using the FTP, FTPS or SFTP protocols. The program can just connect to the server, or try to download a file and check its content.

* E-mail servers, using the POP3, IMAP or SMTP protocols. ProtoMon supports the secure versions of all mail protocols. While checking the POP3 mailbox, it connects to the server and checks the messages count in there. If checking the IMAP server, the program is trying to receive the list of the IMAP folders. When checking an SMTP server, ProtoMon can try to send a test message on every monitor check.

* Any other TCP-based server on any port.

* Also ProtoMon can launch any console applications, batch scripts or single commands, grab their output and check it using the powerful boolean expression filters.


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